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Truely speaking we are from the remote area of Sundarban Village. Since childhood we are practically enjoying the nature, rivers, wildlife along with different natural disasters. Still we are surviving and growing up. This is the reason we know well Sundarban and its behaviour. After graduation while seeking jobs a Forest Officers advised to start Sundarban Holiday Tour  and Sundarban Package Tour business. After thinking a lot we three friends took decision to start Sundarban Holiday Tour. It was 1999. Even the officer guided us where to purchase tourist boat. So many boats we found but the boat of  Ramganga was in the good quality. Finally we purchased boat in 2000. This is the start of our journey to Sundarban Tour. Since then every year tourists from different countries visited this Mangrove Forest with our Packages. We are really feeling proud of our tourists for communicating with us as and when require. And in return we try our level best to support them as per their way. Almost everyday we interact with different people with different language and manner.

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Sundarban is a group of islands. In India there are 102 islands. Out of which 48 islands are wild habitat and 54 are human populated. The area stretched from Basirhat (North 24 Pgs) to Ghoramara (South 24 Pgs). These entire area is human populated. Most of the area is rural and a few is under urban. The remote sundarban area is surrounded by river. So the main transport is waterways. 

Sundarban Village Life, Culture and Sundarban Holiday Tour

Literally Sundarban means beautiful forest. Really Sundarban is unique for its beauty. Its village is also beautiful. Sundarban village life is very simple but hard to live all the year round. Mainly they are farmers and fishermen. Winter is ideal for human being. But the rest of the year they feel some difficulties. Such as in summer the scorching heat of the Sun creates a lot of issues. In rain they feel other issue of bad transport because all the nearby roads are muddy. Even snakes and different worms creates nuisance and sometimes create loss of life because they can not get immediate treatment. Maximum population live their livelihood with fishing in river and forest area. This is another most fearful journey for their survivals. This is another threat to their lives. Because every year a good number of people become prey to the Ferocious Royal Bengal Tiger. Even in rain thunder bolts also cause the loss of life. Maa Bono Bibi is their Goddess who always save them. Once upon a time it was very poor economic area. But the Sundarban Holiday Tour and other Package Tours made this area sound in economy.

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