Sundarban Package Tour

Sundarban Package Tour Details

Sundarban Best Package Tour Details

One of the best Package Tour to Sundarban starts from august each year. In this time tourists mainly enjoy the hisla festival package.  But the regular package starts from October and November each year. Normally booking starts from August. Till the end of march mainly tourists enjoy this package. Tourists from different corner of the world visit Sundarban at this time. Because this the ideal time to visit Sundarban Mangrove Forest. Firstly the weather becomes cool, quiet and calm. Secondly no waves are there in river. Thirdly the sun rise and sun setting becomes colorful. Next the migrant birds crowds here in sundarban for their breeding. The more in this time there grows more chances to view wildlife. In conclusion we can say that tourists becomes more pleased for all the above reasons. All these factors made sundarban popular to the tourists. 

Some other reasons are also there behind its popularity. As an instance the sky remains clean blue. And the nature becomes more attractive and pleasure. Importantly during this time there are a few holidays like X-Mas, Sankranti, New Year Day, See off year etc. Even the schools and colleges remain closed also during this time. Most importantly the characteristics of Sundarban attracts almost everyone. Such as bird expert like ornithologists who are studying related to birds. A few rare birds live in Sundarban. All types of kingfishers are found here. It also attracts Botanists because there are different species of plants. Nature lovers are also attracted by it. Even its geological situation is also remarkable. In fact it saves mankind from the different dangerous waves from sea. Another important is that the existence of crocodile and dolphin also increased its popularity.